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Jason, I just wanted to drop you quick line to say thanks for the hire of your system. Your new D&B Y system was absolutely perfect for the recent Waifs shows. All three theatres commented on the sonic improvement to the room and I couldn't have been happier with the result. It's great to know there is someone professionally commited and with such world class equipment available in the area. I look forward to using Subculture Audio again at the first opportunity



Jason Brown

Sound/TM/PM- The Waifs


Jason was a pro and a pleasure to work with. He brought in a ripper P.A. and lighting rig- the gig looked and sounded amazing. Thanks for everything !


Sean Callanan

Live sound and production- Smith Street Band


I've had the pleasure of working with Jason Flint for many years at an annual event in Portland, Victoria. We are a Melbourne based cover band and we look forward to working with him every year at this event. He has great gear and is expert at using it. He understands what we are looking for in terms of onstage sound and always provides us with a fantastic mix so we can do what we do best. He's always one to check in and ask how things are going and will give his 100% attention to what is happening in the moment. He's attentive and pro-active and will always come and have a chat about the sound after each set concludes. The room we've worked with him in is a big, boomy hall and he understands very well how to get an exciting, fat and punchy mix for the audience out the front.

We highly recommend Jason Flint and Subculture Audio.

Chris Buxton

Chunky Jam 

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